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” . . . what has happened to me has really served to advance the Gospel . . .

for I know that through your prayers and the Holy Spirit . . .

this will turn out for my deliverance.”  Phil 1:12, 19

Here are just a few of the highlights . . .

January 2010

Volunteered at Passion 2010 where I heard Marilyn Skinner’s testimony & God turned my heart toward a global reach. An amazing experience that I will never forget . . . one of those moments in time that I knew God was awakening me to more of Him and His Kingdom.  (Check out and

February 2010

Our first family trip to the Magic Kingdom.  Read more at (mission partners-Families on A Mission). 

God speaks when you take 7 children under 8 to Disney!

I continued to teach and speak through the spring until school was out and we began a very full summer . . .

 †      June: Our annual vacation to Blue Mtn. beach . . . one of our favorite times of making memories. You can see more of our  photos on my personal Facebook page.

†      June: Our first family mission trip to Honduras to the Good Shepherd’s Children’s Home. You can see more photos on Facebook at Her Passion ministries.  (GSCH is a mission partner of Her Passion ministries, Check it out.)  We would love for you to consider going with us! Short travel time. Safe environment. Orphans who will bless your life.

†      July: Off to China to Maria’s Big House (with Show Hope . . . another favorite ministry.

I launched Her Passion ministries in July and hired my first 2 team mates in September! God is moving at warp speed . . . so much so that I can’t keep up with Him! And I am desperately in need of His leading and guidance.  I thought I had the greatest and most challenging job when I once worked for the largest healthcare company in the world . . .

Then I became a mother.

Then I began a ministry . . .  

We are excited about what God has in store for 2011.  Her Passion is reaching the world with the love of Christ through new partnerships in Haiti, Honduras, Africa and India . . . off to Africa and India in 2011! We are also launching Stop The Traffick (an anti-sex trafficking campaign  . . . yes, it is happening here in the US!)   However, my greatest passion remains:  teaching the Word.  That is what prepared me to walk this road before God took David Home and it continues to be what keeps me anchored and able to do what He has called me to do every day.

David continues to love preschool and successfully wrap everyone around his little finger. He is an amazing little fellow, and if you ask me, I think everyone should have a child with Downs in their family!

Annabelle is in kindergarten while Maddie is in 2nd grade and despite the fact that their daddy is not actively shaping their lives, here, his memory is made alive as we continue to purposefully pursue God’s plan for us. 

There is not a day that goes by that I do not think of David and am reminded that though we have plans for our lives, God has other plans . . . and they may be different, but they are not bad.  The words I uttered on the night of David’s death were, “God is still good.”

And He is. 

Thankful for you all,


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