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What a day…

I am writing, literally, from the road–which has new meaning after driving many hundreds of miles in vans over the last 2 days–in Africa. We are driving back from Saiya, the village in north western, Kenya where the clinic was built. “Out in the middle of no where” also has new meaning. God has used that literal, “distant” fact quite vividly to teach me several things.

I don’t know that I’ve fully grasped until today what distance or length God goes to in order to reach people with His love. That is one of the things He is impressing on me. It baffles me to try and understand that God would use an ordinary woman like me, living in Nashville, TN, to fulfill the dream and vision He gave a family in Kenya, Africa, years ago. Go there…

About 5 years ago, a woman named Joan Abungu (pronounced Joanne) lost her brother to a common African sickness because he did not have access to medical care within reasonable time to save his life. She then told her grandson, Peter, that if God would provide the resources, that she would give part of her land on which to build a medical clinic.

Peter, being the Kingdom minded servant that he is, began praying to that end.

Fast forward 4 years…

Last November as I, myself, was continuing to pray through and attempt to discern how God was calling me to expand my ministry, I met Peter through a dear friend and ministry partner, Benny Proffitt of First Priority Global.

Very simply through natural conversation while Peter was visiting in the States, he shared with me his vision for a clinic.

I had been praying.

Peter had been waiting.

Peter’s grandmother had been praying.

That is where prayerful, expectant faith meets The God who answers over and abundantly, greater than anything we can ask or imagine (Eph 3:20).

This year ground was broken on the medical clinic in February.
We dedicated the clinic today, and we anticipate it to be fully operational by years’ end. Manifest redemption.

I met Mrs. Joan today. We hugged so long, I didn’t want to let go of her. Tears of joy for both of us…manifest redemption.

I stood next to Peter’s aunt at the ceremony (who was the widow of his uncle who inspired Joan to build the clinic.)…manifest redemption.

I could NOT imagine this happening in a million years. But I COULD see how intentional God is in loving and caring for our needs and reaching those who are unreachable…three women (2 of them widows), two colors of skin, separated by continents. Common denominator: trusting God to redeem. Trusting God to rebuild.

I am humbled beyond belief.

Earlier in the day, we also visited 2 schools of which the details and emotion I will have to share later. It was an amazing, eye-opening experience. One of the schools, Peter attended as a young boy…by the way, Peter’s mother was killed and his father died when he was 12 years old.

Strange how death brings amazing opportunity for redemption…

I will write more about our experience
later…much more to share.

Thank you for your continued prayers!

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