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Dec 3, 2011

On fighting the right battles . . .

I seldom feel the palpable intent of the enemy . . . David’s sudden death was one of those times. Scripture returned to me, as it did many times, when I doubted and fretted:

“You intended to harm me, but God intend[s] it for good . . .” Gen 50:20.

I don’t like to blame “bad things on the devil” . . . because I believe God is ALWAYS & ULTIMATELY in control; however, I do believe the Word which says in 1 Peter 5:8, “your enemy the devil prowls around like a lion looking for someone to devour.”

So . . . I’m feeling a little chewed-up and spat out right now . . .

Last week, during preparation for the first Her Passsion local worship & teaching event, I had a severe allergic reaction after a field day with Annabelle, my heat went out upstairs, my toilet stopped working downstairs, and my external drive which had many of my personal and ministry photos from Africa, crashed. (The ministry photos were backed up…the ones from the last 6 months of my dad’s life, many particularly with his “little man,” my little David, were not . . we are still praying they can be recovered. Breaks my heart.)

Though I was troubled, it did not surprise me terribly, as we (Her Passion) are in the midst of producing our first ministry magazine . . . and we were on task to have the photos selected in a matter of days. On the ministry front, God is using a small, yet amazing, group of young women to help me execute the vision God has given me… partnerships & projects in Africa (Kenya and Uganda) which include a medical clinic, a restoration home, purity programs, and locally, a long-had vision of teaching the Word on a regular basis . . .God is doing some exciting things.

But it is easy to forget exactly what He is doing and become distracted when you are being devoured. Life sets in and instead of being propelled into the purposes for which you were created, you are paralyzed by the circumstances of the day. I know. I was reminded this week of how that happens.

Anyway, as for the distractions, I’ve lost much more than photos in the recent past, and besides, people lose photos everyday, and more consequently, many people in the world have no heat—nor a toilet—at all. . . Which ironically, encourages me to continue doing what I’ve been called to do . . .

Teach the Word.
Reach the world.
All for the glory of God.

I came across this verse in my quiet time this morning,

“Only . . . fight the Lord’s battles.”
1 Sam 18:17b.

Which reminded me that the battle is “not against flesh and blood, but against . . . the spiritual forces of evil . . .” (Eph 6:12) and that my challenge is to fight the right battles.

Is it insignificant that I lost treasured photos of my sweet dad with “Papa’s little man?” No.

Is it more significant that there are little people in the world who don’t have a “papa” to love them, much less have pictures with him? Yes. (I know this one personally, and well.)

Is it insignificant that my heat went out and (one) of my toilets? No.

Is it (much) more significant that many don’t have heat nor one functioning toilet? Without a doubt.

So . . . it didn’t happen immediately, but I am thankful that God used these rather inconvenient (and heartbreaking) events to affirm “that to which I have been called.”

And I am ever reminded to walk away from battles that are meant only to devour and distract me from God’s divine plan.

“I have fought the good fight…” (2 Tim 4:7b)…but only if it’s the right ones.

Choose your battles.

It can be the difference between being devoured and being delivered.

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